Properties Management  Services

  • PMS Properties is a full service company! 
  • We are available for every investor, with Homes, Multi families, Commercial, Townhouses. 
  • PMS takes care of marketing, screening, rent collections and accounting.
  • Our maintenance is handled through our office. We order any and all repairs by the assigned rental properties owner.
  • Our PMS inspections of the rentals are done at random.


  • Our fee commission fee is 10% based on the income from the monthly rental  amount collected.


  • Our new tenants will have a move-in sheet and will record all info from the rental.
  • They will return to office and report on the current condition.
  • The moving-out inspections will be done by the property manager after tenant moves out and PMS will compare the moving–in sheet to the moving-out sheet. 
  • PMS  will verify the rentals conditions before issuing a release of deposit.
  • All utilities will be transferred by PMS Personnel
  • All necessary repairs, cleaning, eliminating trash will be addressed by the property manager upon tenant moving-out.
  • Any costs that the landlord has accrued will have a statement of all work completed and tallied on the monthly statement to the landlord.


  • The first month rent and deposit is due at lease agreement signing. (The rent will be prorated on a 30- day basis, if moving in after the beginning of the month. 
  • All rents are due on the 1st of the month. There is a 5 day period to pay after to be considered on time. Our policy is to send late notices after 7 days.
  • If we do not receive the rent on the allotted time, we will file for eviction.


  • The accounting department will process all rents and expense to a monthly statement and will also supply a yearly statement for the owner on each rental.